Terms & Conditions

This document articulates the Terms & Conditions that governs all use of the globalacademy.com website and all content and services available at or through the website. By using our services, you accept these Terms and Conditions with full consent. You will not continue to use our services if you disagree with the Terms and Conditions or even a part of these Terms and Conditions.

1.The acceptance to our Term and conditions, along with the student’s admission and the respective Institute’s rules and regulations, policies and procedures and the most recently updated prospectus (as applicable), will together form the contract between the prospective student and the Institution.
(1.2). Any amendments made to the contract will be available on the Institution website which should be consulted regularly. Steps will be taken to bring these changes to the attention of the students as reasonably practicable.

2. All admissions will be considered through only after receiving the entire fee, along with the completion of all the educational documentation. Failing to complete any of these within the given time frame can lead to the cancellation of admission. In this case the fee would be refundable as per the University /Institution guidelines.
(2.1). The students may be required to provide satisfactory proof of their previous educational qualifications before admission. Failing to produce this may result in the cancellation of their admission.
(2.2). During the process, if the documents provided are found to be incomplete, incorrect or fraudulent, the University has all rights to amend or terminate student admission depending on the circumstances and take action against the document or information provider.
(2.3). Global Academy is not liable towards any action taken by the University regarding the admission of the student. If the concerned University finds any wrongdoing or forge documented forms provided by the student, it does not confirm the admission. During such times, Global Academy is not liable for any refund until the University confirms the cancellation of admission.
(2.4). The respective institute may pursue legal proceedings in case of non-payment of fees.

Conditions of Admission

3.On your acceptance of university admission, you will have the right to cancel it within the specific time as mentioned in the University’s admission protocols. Your acceptance or cancellation of admission should be notified according to the admission rules within the specified time limit.

(3.1). If a student fails to pay the deposit amount in accordance with the payment norms as proposed by the institution, the Student Application may be withdrawn without further notice.
(3.2). If a student opts to withdraw oneself before the completion of a programme and has the approval from the concerned Head of the college, a refund may be made in accordance with the University’s Fee Policy.
(3.3). The University will have its own rights to make changes to the contents of their programmes, alter the approach, cancel and merge programmes. In the event of such changes, students will be reasonably communicated about the change on a timely basis.
•The Terms and Conditions shall be enforceable only on the student and their corresponding University/Institute.
•Any amendments made to the terms and conditions will gain prominence only after complete consent from both parties involved in the process regarding the change and when confirmation is given in accordance with the admission protocols.
For question or concerns regarding the Terms and Conditions or admissions, please get in touch with our customer support that is available 24×7.