Selection of specialization courses in B.Ed


The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) programme has been designed with the aim to develop an understanding of teaching-learning process at secondary and senior-secondary level among teacher aspirants. It focuses on enabling student-teachers to reflect critically on perspectives of education and integrate holistically the theory and practices to facilitate active engagement of learners for knowledge creation.

Many universities focus on developing an understanding of context of education in contemporary Indian Society, appreciating the role of context and socio-political realities about learners in facilitating learning in inclusive settings, creating sensitivity about language diversity in classroom and its role in teaching-learning process, developing an understanding of paradigm shift in conceptualizing disciplinary knowledge in school curriculum, identifying, challenging and overcoming gender inequalities in school, classroom, curricula, textbook, social institutions, etc., enabling student-teachers to acquire necessary competencies for organizing learning experiences, developing competencies among student-teachers to select and use appropriate assessment strategies for facilitating learning, engaging student-teachers with self, child, community and school to establish close connections between different curricular areas, enabling student-teachers to integrate and apply strategies in facilitating teaching-learning process and in school management, systematizing experiences and strengthening the professional competencies of student teachers, and providing first-hand experience of all the school activities through engaging student-teachers as interns in secondary/senior secondary schools.

Normally, the admission to B Ed shall be done in two different ways, the first one is on the basis of the score obtained in the entrance test conducted by universities and the second one is based on the marks scored by the aspiring teachers in their graduation. Selection of specialization courses in B.Ed is thus very significant as the subject of specialization chosen by the trainee teacher during their under-graduate program decides which specialization can be chosen by a student in their B Ed program. Usually it is categorised as general science, Social sciences, languages, commerce etc.

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