Role of teachers in grooming student’s career


A teacher is a torch bearer of a child’s career. They shape and carve a child’s life by teaching them morale of life. They mould character and personality of child. Teachers are the person who are with proper vision, experience and qualification. They have the power to educate tomorrow’s future leaders. Teaching is a great responsibility, it is in a teacher’s hands to build the responsible citizens for the well-being of a nation. A teacher impacts a young mind hence, it is very important to have enough training so that teachers can provide best education to their students.  In today’s world a teacher influences a majority of the child’s growth. Students spend half of their life in schools and colleges, so, teachers play major roles in their life. A teacher can understand a child’s capabilities and help them to enhance to aspire for their career that best suits them at an early age. This will keep them focused and motivated to achieve their goals and be successful in life.

Teaching is a profession which has great ethics. A teacher should be liberal, unbiased, disciplined and courteous at all times. Teachers play many roles in the life of student. They are half parents, mentor, trainer, guide, motivator, friend and a source of inspiration in student’s life. They earn a unique capability to understand their student’s abilities and the pace of growth.

A teacher grooms the future potential doctor, astronaut, philosopher, chef and others by recognising the student’s skills.

Teachers create a positive aura for the children where they can grow in their pace without the judgemental eyes of surroundings. They boost their children’s confidence to face the world and determination to achieve their dreams. They foster cooperation and tolerance among their students as it is very important for their career growth. Teachers nurture skills of their students needed for situation handling.

A teacher is the first inspiration to her students. Teacher is a leader who leads the students to a successful life in the future.

They develop an educated society which in turn becomes a responsible nation. Disciplined community begins from them. They are the problem solvers and are able to deal with any situation with calm and diligence. The duties of teacher are neither small nor easy they are the ones who give energy to mind and life to a character. They encourage minds to think, hands to create and hearts to love.

To summarise, “One child, One teacher, One book, One pen can change the world.” – MALALA YOUSAFZAI.

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