Productive ways to achieve success in Online Assessments


Assessment is a crucial part of teaching. Even though Online Assessments have many advantages like being less time consuming, easy to organize the data etc it is a little difficult to ensure success in Online Assessments.

Here are some tips for teachers to ensure success in Online Assessments.

Ensure Accessibility

Teachers must ensure that whether the online assessments you have created is accessible to everyone and they must be able to resolve if the students face any accessibility issues during assessments.

Give Personal Feedbacks

You must give feedback to your students personally.

This personalized feedback will allow a teacher to explain the mistakes of students clearly and along with that, it will help the student to correct his/her mistakes and perform better in future assessments.

Set the objectives of Assessments

You must set the objectives of your assessments. This method will help you to create effective assessments and also helps to get an accurate picture regarding the performance of students.

Conduct Quiz and Debate

Quiz and Debates are the best online assessments that can be introduced in an online class.

Teachers may conduct quizzes and debates among students just after a particular topic in a lesson or at the end of a lesson.

A surprise quiz can also be conducted to make the session more interactive.

These assessments will let the teachers analyse whether the students are attending classes properly and how much they have understood.

Set Deadlines

Teachers must set clear deadlines regarding the assessments. Also, they must make sure that students are finishing their tasks within the stipulated time.

If you are conducting an online examination prepare two question papers and two different timings. The alternate question paper and timing are arranged for those who face net connectivity issues during the exam.

Encourage Students

Teachers can encourage students while they prepare for an online assessment. It will ensure good results.

So, Implement these productive ways and grab success in online Assessments

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