Online Education vs Traditional Education: The Pros and Cons


With the advancement of technology many changes have happened in the field of education. So in this article let us have a glance on the pros and cons of Online Education vs Traditional Education.

Pros of Online Education

  • Time Flexibility

In an online education at times the teachers will get opportunities to change the class timings according to their convenience.

  • Not Expensive
    Expense is less in online education.
  • Can make use of many resources from internet

In an online education teachers can choose from the pool of resources available in the internet and can use them to make their classes more enjoyable.

Cons of Online Education

  • Less Interaction

In an online education interaction between teacher and students is less.

  • Difficult to maintain the attention

As the students are sitting in their homes there will be many distractions and this makes it difficult for the teacher to maintain the attention of students in online classes.

  • Technical issues might affect classes

If any technical issues arise we can’t resume the classes unless it is completely resolved.

Pros of Traditional Education

  • Organized

In a traditional education classes will be starting and concluding at the exact time. Also, there will be time boundaries set for each and every activities assigned for the students. So the students will do their activities and submit their activities at the exact time said by the teacher.

  • More interaction with students

In a classroom the teachers will get more opportunities to interact with the students and this makes it easier for the teachers to teach their concepts, assign activities and to check their improvement.

  • Easy to maintain the attention of students

In a classroom it is easier for teachers to get and maintain the attention of students.

Cons of Traditional Education

  • Away from homes

If the location of school is far away from the home of teacher it will be very difficult for the faculty to reach there. Also there is no other option than coming to school in order to take classes.

  • No Time Flexibility

There is no time flexibility in traditional education. Classes have to be conducted as per   the time decided earlier.

  • Expensive

Traditional education is expensive as the teachers have to meet their travelling expenses and they have to purchase so many teaching aids which are necessary in classroom education.

Final Thoughts

Both traditional education and online education have its own advantages and disadvantages. So the choice is yours.

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