Must Skills for Pre-Primary Teachers


Pre-Primary schooling is the first and most important milestone in a child’s life. Pre-Primary education is designed for the overall development of children. “Pre-primary school is defined as an educational establishment or learning space offering early childhood education to children before they begin compulsory education at primary school.”

A person should be qualified in pre-primary teachers training in order to teach in preschool. Preschool is where a child’s core development takes place. Hence, a teacher should possess many important qualities in order to mould pre-schoolers.

Some of the important skills that a pre- primary teacher must have are:

  • Passion

In order to become a pre-primary teacher a person should be dedicated. Pre-primary teachers require lot of patience and hardwork. A person should have a desire from inside to bring a change in the life of young children. A person may have to devote a lot of time in order to be a professional.

  • Patience

Being a pre-primary teacher requires a lot of patience. Preschool teachers deal with small children who do not have much knowledge about their surroundings. To understand them and to help in their development requires a lot of patience. Nothing goes planned with small children. Hence, a person must be calm and open to all changes happening around them.

  • Communication Skills

It is vital that pre- primary teacher should have good communication skills. The young students easily grab what they see and hear. A teacher’s verbal as well as non- verbal communication should go hand in hand while educating the students. A teacher’s actions and words is an inspiration for the students as they imitate what their teacher exhibits. So it is very important that teachers exhibit positive communication skills.

  • Creative Thinking

Creative skills plays major part in human development. A person uses his/her creative mind for many purposes such as problem solving, artistic capabilities, etc.  The creative thinking is the ability use soft skills to come up with solutions to problems.

  • Good Listening Skills

A pre-primary teacher should have the ability to listen carefully and understand child needs. The communication skill of young child is weak, a child will use certain phrases or words to convey his/her message. To understand and make sense of it requires good listening skills.

  • Good Coordinator

A pre-primary teacher should be able to coordinate with other colleagues in order to develop a proper curriculum to teach their students.

  • Open- mindedness

A pre-primary teacher will have different curriculum to teach their students. Planning something won’t work to teach small students. A preschool teacher may need various ideas to teach their students such as through games, storytelling, rhymes, etc.

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