Methodologies to make teaching more interactive, engaging and meaningful


The primary objective of teaching is to pass knowledge to students. But teachers can make understand a particular concept to students only if they are attentive and show interest to subject matter. So teachers may adopt certain methodologies to make teaching more interactive, engaging and meaningful. Let us have a look at some of these methodologies

Use different teaching aids

Teaching can make interactive and interesting by using various teaching aids. Some of the teaching aids that can be used in a class include videos, charts, images, flash cards, power point presentations and three dimensional models.

Moreover the method of teaching using teaching aids helps students in understanding a concept better, retain the concept for longer period in the mind and it also increases conceptual thinking.

Asking Questions

You may ask small questions at the end of lesson or in between the lesson.

 Group activities

You may divide the class into small groups and assign an activity for each group based on the lesson you have taken. Also, you may select the best group among them and give them rewards.

Include Examples from Real life

You have to include more real life examples when you explain a concept to the students and along with that you may ask students to find more similar examples.

When you include this method in your teaching you can ensure more interaction in the class and also this will help the student to grasp a particular concept more easily.


You may organize discussions based on the lesson you have taken. This will give a platform for students to express their ideas.

Conduct Quizzes

You can conduct quizzes based on the lesson you taught. When you prepare questions for the quiz always make sure that the questions can reach every type of students and also you must try to include different types of questions in a Quiz. At the end of Quiz you can encourage them by give rewards.

So follow these methodologies and bring a transformation in your classes

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