Managing Priorities and Task


Most of the people are tied up with long list of tasks and priorities every day. We can ensure productive results to these tasks only if we can perform well. So if you want to make use of your complete potential you have to manage priorities and tasks. Here are some tips for managing priorities and tasks.

Make a list of your tasks

It is necessary that you need to get a clear idea of things you have to do before you are going to manage the priorities and tasks. So make things- to- do list as a first step. You can either make it simple by writing tasks in a piece of paper or you may make use of white board to write down the tasks. If you are using a white board you may hang it somewhere in your room itself.

Mention the time you need to spend for doing a task              

When you make things- to- do- list, mention the time you are going to spend for each task.

Pick the priorities from the list

Select the priorities from the list and rank it. It is better if you can use a pen with different ink to mark the priorities in the list.

Put a tick mark whenever you complete a Task

Whenever you finish doing a particular task, mark it on the list you made earlier. You may put a tick mark against the task you have completed.

 Complete tasks within the time bound you have decided earlier

It is very important that you must complete each task within the deadline you have decided earlier.

Revise the list if needed

Review the list you prepared frequently and make any changes if it is needed.

 Make use of Apps

Today with the advancement of technologies a lot of Applications that help will you to prioritize your task are available. Most of these apps offer features like progress bar for task list, time tracking, Sync on different devices, reminders for activities, automatic save etc

If you want, you may make of use these Apps.

Bottom Line

So if you follow these tips you can manage your priorities and tasks effectively.


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