Know your weakness in the process of learning and resolve it


The process of learning can only be said as effective if it can make good academic results. Gaining good academic results doesn’t mean that you have to achieve marks more than the marks of your classmates or you have to be the class topper, it means you have to make intellectual growth through the process of learning. So to make the process of learning effective you must know your weakness and resolve it.

Methods to discover your weakness in the process of learning

. Self-Evaluation

Evaluate yourself and know your weakness in the process of learning. Self – Evaluation is the best method that you can adopt as no one in the world can discover the weakness better than you.

You can do this by preparing a set of questions and answering it. The questionnaire may include questions like

  1. How long you can study a particular subject?
  2. Do you find time to revise the things that you learnt?
  3. Which is the subject that you feel difficult to learn?
  4. How long you can stay without losing your concentration?

Ask Peers

You can ask your friends about your weakness. Surely, friends who want to see your growth will help you out with this.

Talk to your Teachers

You may talk to your Teacher. It is a definite fact that the teachers can tell your weakness as they are evaluators of your strengths and weaknesses through aids like test papers, assignments and projects.

 . Techniques to resolve

Work regularly on your weaknesses

Once you got a clear idea about your weaknesses, you have to work on them regularly to get the best results.

Use Learning Apps

Lack of concentration, lack of memory, lack of logical thinking skills, lack of word skills are some of the weaknesses that most of the students have, but today there are Apps available in the Google Play store that can help you to resolve these issues. So try to make use of these Apps.

Assess the improvement

It is necessary to know the improvement once you adopt various techniques. This assessment will help in the process of learning and will increase your confidence.

So understand your weakness early and start to resolve it

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