Identify the Role of Teacher in Your Life


A teacher plays one of the main role in everyone’s life.  Teacher is not part of them just to impart syllabus lessons and conduct exams. They are the first role models for their students when they interact with their outside surroundings. Students are the future of this world and teachers mould them into responsible citizen for better future.

A teacher not only teaches lessons but also imparts moral value, etiquettes, social behaviour and much more. A teacher finds different way to make learning delightful.  Teachers are student’s personal cheerleader where they encourage their students to explore and develop their talents. Teachers have the ability to find their student’s skills and talent and they help the students to practice those skills efficiently. Through this students are able to find their true potential and build their career paths.

Teachers also try to understand their students psychologically so as to understand their thoughts, their emotions and other aspects of mind so that teachers can detect any mental problems that will disturb them. They also educate students about ill habits that may turn into life threatening addictions. Teachers have so many fundamental duties as a person to fulfil in the society.

Now in 21st century, with technological advancements the information what is needed to know is click away. Everything we need to know is available at vast in internet. So does this mean, that teachers lose their value over the years?

The answer is ‘no’, now more than ever teachers are needed to mould a better society. Technology have its own boon and bane. Teachers are the true guides who can understand and train students to utilize it for good.

Teacher’s role has been elaborated to more roles as the time passes. A good teacher is the foundation of a good society. So, it is very important to value our teachers.

Today we need to understand that a teacher can change the financial, moral and social life of an individual. We must respect them by thanking them for everything and giving regards to the contribution they do to help us to be successful individuals.

Teachers are the guide to the light of education and truth. As time passes their value will only increase as they are designated more fundamental duties to build a sensible society of successful individuals.

Therefore, teacher is the only individual that creates all other profession.

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