Enjoy Your Online Classes for Better Results


Online classes have a come a long away during the time of COVID. Students can easily attend classes and work on their submission in comfort of their own space. Though certain distance education courses make use of online classes the value of it became visible during the pandemic. Students who are looking for completing degree along with their or those who need develop skill or for those who want to attend classes of their school education. Online classes turned out to be a helpful tool to meet changing needs of students. It is one time investment which was quite affordable and hassle free. But online classes do possess certain challenges that may hinder successful learning.

The online learning does not have any limits or bounds. Students don’t have to compromise any activities to attend classes. They can attend when they are comfortable. But, this may cause certain issues. Students may fail in attending classes due to many reasons. Some reasons might be genuine but some maybe not. This might be difficult to follow up. The students can lose that day’s topic resulting a gap in that portion. It is important that the classes taught are interesting so that students attend the session. There are many limitations even though the class is interesting. Hence, students must take initiatives to make their class fun and interesting.

Some techniques to make online learning interesting are:

  • Treat the class as if it is in-person, certain schools and colleges follow recorded sessions so, there is a tendency that students may not attend it every day. To avoid that prepare a time table where students can set a time every day for the class.
  • Create a study group, Though there is a lack in inter personal communication between fellow students, students can make sure to create groups using various communication apps such as WhatsApp to create virtual study group that promote effective studies.
  • Have a comfort space dedicated for studying. Dedicate a place that is for study purposes that is aloof from other family’s involvement. Make sure there are no distractions.
  • Prepare notes, it is important to make short notes of any topic that is taught for later references. It also helps in concentration.
  • Track deadlines, It is difficult to keep mind the submission dates, prepare a sheet of the dates and mark them in online calendars with reminders.
  • Create a study models, Long hours of studying creates exhaustion, this may lead to procrastination. To avoid that prepare study models according to the comfort of the person, if not possible then students can follow famous techniques such as Pomodoro technique, a study technique that consists of 25 minutes study time followed by 5 minutes of break. It can be repeated various times to study effectively.
  • Interact actively in class, ask doubts and answer questions so that the class is interactive.

There are various ways to keep students motivated to attend classes some that can be followed and some that can be created to motivate themselves. Rewarding the achievements through encouragement can help students achieve full attendance in online classes.

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