Creating a balance in working & distance learning


Today there are many people who chooses to study along with their work. Even though, the advantages one receive while choosing distance learning together with their work are many, it is necessary that one must know how to manage effectively between the work and distance learning.

Ways to find a balance in working & distance learning

Set Time for Learning

Most of the Companies in India follows a working hour pattern of 9 to 5. So it is ideal to choose a time in the early morning for learning. Many studies have showed that the brain works very active in this time and this will help to grasp things easily and clearly. The early morning hours will also help to study in a peaceful environment without much noise and distractions.

Prepare a Space for Study

Create a space for study. Make sure that essentials needed for learning are there in the space you choose for study. It is better if you can place two different shelves in your room to keep your work related documents and study materials separately.

Make Study Plans

You must to make study plans to keep your learning on the right path. Find the hours that you waste in a day and make a study plan that you can strictly follow. Create smart time tables for each day and also find time at the weekend for doing revisions and answering previous year question papers.

Submit Assignments before the Deadlines

Set clear time to prepare assignments and submit them on the right time.

 Enough Time for Leisure

It is a reality that those persons who choose learning while working is going through a tight phase. But you can definitely lessen the stress by finding some time to spend for your pleasure activities which include sports, outing with family and friends, shopping, watching movies etc.

Taking essential breaks from your work and studies will also help to make your mind fresh and to increase your concentration. It is sure that you can create a balance in working & distance learning and complete your course successfully if you follow these tips.

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