Choosing the best stream in studies according to your Passion


Stream Selection is an important decision that every student has to take after passing 10th Grade. It is one of the crucial decisions a student has to take as it has a greater role to play in a person’s future.

Let us have a look into the Dos and Don’ts that need to follow to choose the best stream in studies according to one’s Passion


Aware of the opportunities that are available now

It is a must that one must be aware about the courses and job opportunities that are available now. Many new courses have emerged today and these courses are offering a plethora of job opportunities in India and abroad. So, attend the exhibitions organised by educational institutions to get updated with the new opportunities.

Take bits of advice from Educational Consultancies

There are many educational consultancies around us today. Most of these consultancies have qualified and experienced career guiders that can provide advice for a student. So, it is better if you seek the service of such consultancies.

Read articles written by experts in the field of higher education

Many educational experts write articles in newspapers and magazines that will aid the students to find the best streams for them. Try reading those write-ups to have a better understanding of everything.

Attend Tests

Today there are a lot of educational Institutions and learning Applications that help the students to find the best stream that suits them with a small test or a questionnaire. Appear for those tests and questionnaires and get the feedback.


Don’t follow others

Friends may ask you to take the streams they chose or Sometimes you may have an urge to take a stream that is different from those opted by your classmates. In both the situations, you have to follow the voice of your heart and don’t just follow others.

Don’t change your choice due to pressure from Society

Don’t ignore your personal choice just because of what others might think if you choose that stream in studies.

Don’t look at things with a preconceived notion

Earlier only those who chose science as a stream in their studies had many opportunities and the opportunities for those who chose other streams like commerce and arts were limited, but things have changed today, many programmes evolved and all streams now offer a considerable number of opportunities.


It is a must that you must a have clear plan before you start the chase after your passion. So as an initial move, choose your stream wisely and leap into success.

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