Change in education system from chalk talk to online class


Pandemic has brought remarkable transformation in the education system by replacing the traditional chalk talk system with Online Education. Though it was a heavy blow for teachers who are ignorant of the technology things in the initial stage, with days passed they got used to this new method of teaching.

When it comes to the case of students, they didn’t have to make any huge preparations to welcome this new mode of learning. But there was a section of students who didn’t has any gadgets to watch this online classes and were living remote areas where there is no internet access. The government and many other educational institutions then solved these issues by providing gadgets, setting up facilities to watch classes and resolving internet connectivity issues.

Though the biggest challenge faced by the teachers when this transition took place was to maintain the standard of education, they were also able to ensure this to some extent by using new methods and techniques

Now let us see things can be done to make the classes effective.

As the students are sitting in their homes and attending classes there may face many distractions during the class. So it is always good if the teachers can inform the parents about these issues that might arise during the class hours and ask them to make an environment for children to attend the classes attentively.

In the traditional education system, it was very easy to complete extra-curricular activities within the stipulated time. But in the new system it is not so easy. So students need to be continuously monitored and reminded to get activities done on time so that it works properly.

In online education system, students only rarely get the opportunity to interact with their friends. So it would be better if we can include more group activities in online education.

Final Thoughts

The new system has many advantages but to receive the benefits of this the education system should work properly.

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