Challenges Faced In Online Education


Online Education is one of the greatest boon during the pandemic time. Students can learn and teacher can teach at their comfort without the hindrance of the COVID19. Many also believe that online classes have led to increase in performance of students as they can study at their pace. Though online education has a lot of advantages, online education also has lots of disadvantages. The challenges faced during online education are:

  • Distraction and lack of discipline- Due to monotonous lectures and no physical engaging there is a huge drop in attendance. Some students may also cause unnecessary distractions and it is difficult to maintain a stable decorum.
  • Infrastructure issues- Though at home students and teachers must need stable internet connection, electricity and gadgets that is capable to perform well.
  • Shortage of Gadgets – It is not possible that everyone can afford a personalised gadgets for online classes as these gadgets are expensive
  • Digital Literacy- Though this generation is well aware of basic technology, there is always a chance of software malfunctioning which might need IT assistance. No matter trained or untrained teachers will find it difficult to resolve software back end issues.
  • Virtual classroom engagement- All children may indulge in online form of education. Some require physical interaction and assistance from teachers as they will be having difficulty to discuss problems.
  • Compromise in security- Certain video conference app have recorded videos kept in their storage which maybe accessible easily as it may be not protected, this may lead to leakage of personal details. There is also a form of compromise where students might share class links to pranksters who might display and screen share unnecessary or obscene materials which may disrupt the class and the social security.


  • Inability to comfortably accommodate special needs students- Certain special need students require extra physical attention from their teachers to study which is difficult in online education.


  • Course quality- Not all online provided courses are accredited by universities. Some might be fraud and money wasting courses. It is important to analyse the course before opting for it.


  • Lack of practical knowledge- It is difficult to provide practical classes or at least provide the experience of experiments that are done in science, which makes a traditional class interesting and fun. Online education mostly relies on theoretical lectures.


  • Lack of motivation among students- Due to boring lectures and heavy assignment schedules students find difficult to attend classes. Many students fail to catch up with taught topics and later find it difficult to study for exams.

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