Behaviour management ideas for teachers


A class usually consists of well-behaved and naughty kids. So a teacher must know some behaviour management ideas to mould them.

Now let us have a look at some behaviour management ideas for teachers

Frame rules for your class

You have to set rules for your class and make sure that the students are following the same. You may also include students and take suggestions from them while you are making rules.

You must also explain your students the role played by rules in creating a better society and also how rules positively contribute to the development of one’s character.

If you include them while you are creating rules for a class, they will be more enthusiastic to follow the rules as they also had a part in the making of those rules.

Entrust students with some duties

Assign duties for students in your classes. If there are 40 students in a class, assign different duties for at least 20 students in the first phase and after few months they can be relieved from their duties and the rest students can take up those duties.

Performing these duties, the students will eventually become responsible and well-behaved students.

Keep a things-to-do list for a week

Prepare a things-to-do list for a week and stick it somewhere in the classroom walls so that students will not forget about their tasks and most of the students will also try to complete them within the time.

Take classes using different teaching aids

While you are taking a lesson make it interesting by asking easy questions, using flashcards, flannels, showing videos, presentations, giving students a chance to contribute their viewpoints on a particular topic, creating group activities etc

If you are taking a lesson by adopting various techniques you can ensure the attention of students to an extent.

Give Rewards for Students

You can give rewards for students when they answer your questions while taking a new chapter, on successful completion of a task assigned to them and when they do help their classmates or someone

The rewards can be points or stars which will be stated in a chart that is hung on the wall.

Last Thoughts

Teachers have a great role in shaping the character of students. So you may follow these ideas along with your techniques to deal with the students and help them to achieve a bright future.

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