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Teaching is one of the noble profession that provides knowledge and wisdom to tomorrow’s future. Teaching is among popular choices among people who want to change the world through their contribution. Albert Einstein quoted “It is the supreme art of teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” A teacher provides the path to knowledge through joyful methods of teaching and mould students to acquire wisdom.

B.Ed. is the minimal qualification for teaching profession in India and many other countries that is required to be completed by people who aspire to become teachers. B.Ed. is 2 years undergraduate professional course. It is necessary that students have to complete under graduation in any degree in order to opt for B.Ed. in India. There are many variations in guidelines in other countries regarding how to pursue B.Ed. On the basis of the required subject the student can choose a domain to pursue the B.Ed. There should be 50% aggregate in graduation in order to apply for B.Ed. There are many government and private universities that provide B. Ed. In our country with above mentioned eligibilities. Generally, there is no age limit for pursuing B.Ed.  But, if a person is planning to work as government teacher there may be age limits.

Bachelors of Education is always a good option that must be pursued by people who are able to spread their knowledge. Any profession has its own limits that should be followed in order to achieve high feat. Teaching demands different limits, a person who is well qualified and has gained experience in his/her field can educate students. A teacher can acquire promotion after several years of teaching experience to senior positions like head of department, school counsellor, vice-principal, principal, curriculum designer, etc. B.Ed professionals can also choose to start their own educational institutions.

In order to pursue B.Ed. it is important a student completes his/her bachelors with 50% aggregate and certain subjects also require Masters Qualification in order to be considered for B.Ed. Students who come under this category can apply for universities that provide Bachelors of Education. In India, there are distinctive eligibility guidelines for the minorities. This course is about instructing future educators in different aspects of child development and on how to teach their subjects in a class. There may be internships, field training and research completion as part of course depending upon various institutes. After the completion of the course, graduates can apply for national and state exams that are conducted to test ability of teachers to recruit in government schools. Graduates can also directly apply in private schools to work as teachers where they will be interviewed by school head.

B.Ed qualification doesn’t confide to the profession of teaching, it opens vast majority of opportunities in the field of education. After certain years of experience, teachers can apply for higher positions or can pursue higher qualification to become professors or lecturers in colleges.

Teaching is one the greatest profession that can be best for those who aspire to be a teacher and achieve great heights in education field.

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