Academic Integrity in Distance Education


Academic integrity is a term that refers to the ethics to be followed by teachers and students in their academia. Academic integrity is very much important in education as it upholds basic human values of trust and discipline. It is helpful to conduct fair assessments between students to understand their academic performance. In traditional form of education it is easy to maintain academic integrity as many teachers are aware of possible malpractices arises in exams.

But during the COVID-19 pandemic many universities and schools were forced to start online and distant mode classes. During this transition the academic integrity came into great risk. Student could easily malpractice in exams and assessments. There were higher risk of plagiarism in assignments. This created panic among the educators.

But, many universities were already famous for their distance education mode learning where they easily mitigated such problems and made distance learning effective.

Slowly many schools and universities adopted many software technologies that helped to uphold academic integrity even in distance and online education.

So what can schools and universities do to maintain academic integrity.

  1. First analyse best online and distance education sources with universities that have already been part of this for a long time. This will help in understand what software’s best suits to your needs.
  2. Create honour code or agreement between students wherein they duly sign and observe seriously the protocols.
  3. Update your learning software’s with live proctoring and plagiarism recognizer, they will easily help teachers to fairly correct their children and award marks.
  4. Follow up students and their parents about latest updates and how to complete their studies efficiently so that they do not end up doing malpractice.
  1. Modify the format of assignments which will help them prepare accordingly and they would understand their learning process easily
  2. Do not compromise the quality of education with cheap and problematic or tough software’s. The software’s used must be easy to access for both teachers and students.

Academic integrity in distance education might be difficult to keep up. But with help of latest technology schools and colleges will be able to mitigate various issues that risk the academic integrity.

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