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Handwriting Course Online

Handwriting is a motor skill developed in the elementary school level in kids. Starting early in the formative years, increase the scope of reframing handwriting to elegant and beautiful penmanship. It is believed that a person’s handwriting is a reflection of his or her personality. Impressions are made or lost with one’s handwriting.

It is well-known that students who are academically brilliant also tend to lose marks due to poor handwriting. The need for such a program was appreciated and developed by our team of experts who combine years of experience in the education sector. Based on research in the field of calligraphy it was found that a scientific approach was deemed necessary to develop a beautiful handwriting.

 The Handwriting Improvement Course is designed by a panel of experts in calligraphy for improving the pencraft in English language. This specially designed course will help you improve and develop a handwriting that is elegant and beautiful. The course is a 40-hr long practical program which boasts 100% effectiveness. This course has been put into practice successfully in many schools in South India.

We also have Speed Writing Course that can help you make your writing fast, neat and legible, Speed Reading Course which is a useful skill not only for memorizing new information faster, but also for reading more of the books you enjoy and Graphoanalysis which is a scientific system for identifying and assessing the character and personality of an individual.

Global Academy for Distance education strive to provide best educational services to our students. Our experience in the educational field and our reliability makes us the best